I offer individuals a safe place where they can make big changes in their life.

You are living by a set of impossible rules.


“One should not feel anger let alone express it.”

“If you are too sad or sad too often then people will reject you.”

“If you show fear others will take advantage of you.”

Clients come to me with the following experiences:


Very intelligent and tends to over think things

Do not want to hurt others

Can handle a lot, and are successful because they take it all on, but feel burnt out.

Struggle with life balance

Feeling unhappy or dissatisfied with their life and don’t know why or how to make changes

Despite success feel like an imposter in their own life

If they stop to take a breath they might feel deep sadness (depression)

Or suffer from excessive worry and anxiety

Life can be free of suffering.


People who are happy report better relationships and lives full of meaning. Both of these start within the individual. Individual therapy can be incredibly powerful when you are ready to learn more about yourself and take steps toward significant change in your life.

You can gain a deeper understanding of yourself so you can clearly identify your needs, experience relief from suffering, and know your direction.

I am here to translate what your wise self is looking for and help you see the truth within yourself. This is different from what your parents told you, or the beliefs that you built up, but what is really true for you. Change, alleviation of suffering and increased ability to be in relationship emerges from deep, honest recognition of your personal truth. From a place of fundamental understanding you can accept all the parts of you and live with meaningful integrity instead of in reaction to what is happening around you.

The healthy parts of you will be available to attract healthy experiences. You can intuitively know the rightness of your decisions.

You can trust in yourself and others.

You can experience the healthy expression of emotions.

You can have healthy boundaries with others.

You can feel closeness and success.

With me, people are becoming whole, happier, stronger, clearer, and better able to maintain satisfying long-term relationships. When you’re ready, give me a call: 415-494-7804.