My mission to is help the individuals and couples I work with become happier, healthier, and better equipped to navigate the ups and downs of life.

Here’s what you can expect when you decide to work with me as your therapist:


Compassionate and tough.

There is no judgement for your thoughts, beliefs or actions. You can relax. You do not have to defend yourself here. This also doesn’t mean that I tell you that everything is great, if you feel guilty for something you actually did wrong then we talk about what that’s like and what it means to you and in your life. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s the next step that counts.

Your needs, wants, dreams, sorrows, disgust, grief and fears are all meaningful and important. Something changes when a whole person is known and accepted. Freedom to be one’s self replaces the suffering. What were once roadblocks to your success become stepping stones. Life no longer controls you.

You can have a deeper connection with your own wisdom.

You may or may not currently know the wisdom you already have within. I will help you see it. It shows itself through your body and the ways you protect yourself. It shows in the brilliant things you don’t even know that you say or do.

When you have this knowledge it looks like a sense of ease and knowing so deep you feel it in your body. Decisions become easy, you know where you are on your path and when you lose the path you are able to acknowledge and course correct.

Couples learn to do this with and for each other.


You will not be alone in the fog.

You’re getting more than just a body in a room asking you, “And how does that make you feel?”. You’re getting an active, educated partner in healing conversation and in problem solving. You’re also getting a creative perspective and approaches.

“I hadn’t thought of it like that before.”

Insightful connections are an integral part of change.

Clients find themselves realizing how past events have influenced their beliefs and how these beliefs result in present day feelings and actions.

The awareness that builds allows for meaningful choices to be made. You can see why you choose certain partners or why you often say yes when you have too much on your plate. Insight allows you to see yourself in the context of your life. It allows you to feel the experiences of your past and grieve or respond to your needs needs in healthy ways.

Once a realizations are had people often ask, “What now?” What is there to be done with this new information? I don’t provide solutions but I do support you in finding the answers for yourself. You are not alone in this.


I use creative ways of connecting with difficult truths. Sometimes what needs to be seen will not be revealed through conversation alone. Sometimes a guided meditation helps to free thoughts. We can use metaphor or images and imagination. We can use mindful awareness of your body’s sensations to gain another layer of information and tune into your intuition. I encourage writing or other creative methods if you are so inclined. People are often surprised what meaning comes about in these light, fun ways of exploring. Don’t worry you don’t have to be creative. I guide the process so you can be comfortable to be yourself. Many people are surprised how easy it can be.

Building skills to thrive

In addition to the skills mentioned above there are more concrete skills to teach. We build on the strengths and skills that you have and look to where you are stuck to see what skills are need to to facilitate growth. It could be as simple as finding a new perspective. It could be that we need to build ways to allow emotions to flow through you instead of getting stuck in them. Couples learn a whole new language to improve communication.


Why am I a therapist?

Here is my big block of cheese: This my calling. Every cell in my body knows this to be true I have always been on this path, even when I strayed. Always seeking to understand and fighting for the whole truth to be known. It brings my life meaning and I am proud to know that I truly help people.

I specialized in couples therapy because… well, it felt right. So many of my colleagues were afraid of it! It never occurred to me to be afraid of it. It is an opportunity to influence generations to come. What people learn in couples therapy helps them to be better parents and often leads to them holding all of their relationships differently. Change spreads. It is my way of helping the world.

I absolutely love working with individuals. It is deep and meaningful to sit with a person and to help them grow and change as people. I see them become confident and true to themselves. It fills me with pride and meaning to be a part of their lives and growth.
I studied Marriage and Family Therapy at the California Institute of Integral Studies, CIIS.

When I’m not seeing clients I like to spend time with my husband and young child. I also enjoy time laughing with friends, communing with nature and binging on Netflix series.