Postpartum Depression or Anxiety

More than the Baby Blues?

Here are a few things that moms say:


“I should be able to handle this mom thing, but I feel overwhelmed. My baby deserves a better parent.”

“I cannot sleep when they sleep or any other time.”

“I feel disconnected. It’s like I’m just going through the motions.”

“I feel like I shouldn’t have had a baby. I feel resentful of him/her or towards people without children.”

“I feel a deep sadness or anger.”

1 in 7 moms and 1 in 10 Dads experience Postpartum Depression or Anxiety.

Unreliable systems for diagnosis, misunderstanding what is going on, and the shame innate in this struggle likely mean that rates are much higher. You are not alone. Chances are moms you know struggle with this and either don’t know it or don’t talk about it.

The good news is: this doesn’t have to leave lasting effects on your children. There are clear, effective treatments that greatly reduce the impact of postpartum depression and anxiety.

You deserve support to be the best mom and dad you can be.

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