What should I expect on my first visit?

In the first session, we will be getting to know each other. I will ask you questions about your experience and your goals. If you are in pain or distress, my priority in the first session is to provide support.

How long will therapy take?

This is a completely reasonable question to ask, and it is one of the hardest to answer. The simplest answer is that it ends when you feel that you have completed the work you came to therapy to do.

Pacing is a therapeutic art form. Go too fast and you might feel resentful and pushed. Too slow and you could feel dissatisfied with lack of progress. I follow your cues to pace the process safely for you.

Do you have a specialty?

I specialize in working with couples, as they are the foundation of every family. I also concentrate further training on life transitions like marriage, having your first baby and relationships during the parenting years. I have additional trainings to help couples function well in the parenting style they choose and to take care of the individual or couple in which there is postpartum depression or anxiety.

Therapy can also be preventative care, so I have developed programs and educational workshops for couples entering the transition to marriage and having a baby.

Do you work with individuals?

Yes! Individuals make up 20-40% of my practice. I work with people who struggle in relationship, are struggling to make changes to improve their life, people who say yes more often than actually works for their lives, and people who are grieving a friend or loved one, who feel lost or who are experiencing anxiety or depression.

What is a program?

There are 2 life transitions that are life changing and also correlated with high marital dissatisfaction: the first year of marriage; and the first year after having a baby. Since engagements and pregnancy are naturally time limited, I came up with a program to optimize relationship growth during these periods. Couples report less dissatisfaction and a greater ability to cope with issues that come up. Your package is determined by your time commitment. You choose the topics to cover. We use worksheets to catalyze your thought process. I facilitate the conversation to maximize its impact.

This is different from couples therapy sessions that are focused on general goals and go more deeply into topics leading to deep levels of healing. Sometimes, couples who go through a program discover that they would like to spend more time on particular topics like conflict management. In this case we shift into more traditional couples therapy.

Do you work with Post-Partum Depression?

Yes. I have special training to treat PPD. This is a time when a mom needs specific knowledge and support. As a mother myself, this topic is dear to my heart.

Do you help people work through parenting concerns?

Yes! I am trained in several parenting techniques. Specifically, I help parents get on the same page so they can parent as a team AND respect parenting differences. Other things we work on include: helping you to define who you are as a parent and understand what parenting strategies fit you; supporting you through problem behaviors; and many others.

Do you work with people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, religious traditions, etc.?

Yes, I do. I believe that all human beings are created equal and not to be judged based on their differences. I welcome clients of all faiths, ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, and sexual orientations.

Doesn’t it drain you to listen to problems all day?

Actually, this work is so meaningful and fulfilling that I gain energy from it. It provides me with purpose and alignment with my life aspiration. I know that I am helping to change this generation and its successors. I can see myself working until I’m 90.

What are your hours?

The office hours vary. Three evenings a week I have availability until 9 pm.

The office is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

What are your fees?

My rate is $150 for a 50-minute session. I accept cash, check and credit cards. It is preferred to pay cash or check and to have a credit card in the system in case of missed payment.

Do you accept insurance?

I do not. I do provide receipts for you to seek reimbursement. My services may be reimbursed in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. I would be considered an out-of-network therapist.

Please check your coverage carefully by calling your plan representative.

Do you have a sliding scale?

I do. I hold a certain number of slots for sliding scale clients. Please feel free to call me regarding current availability of reduced fee slots.

How long are sessions?

Therapy sessions are 50 minutes. Double sessions (100 minutes) are very helpful, especially for couples and are available upon request.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Please notify me as soon as you know by call, email or text more than 48 hours before the appointment. You can also reschedule through the online client portal. Please let me know if you can’t find an appointment and I will let you know if there is possibility of getting you in. If you have not notified me at least 48 hours in advance and no reschedule is possible, you will be required to pay the full cost of the session.

What kind of therapy do you do?

My work is informed by several proven theoretical perspectives.

Couples: EFT (Sue Johnson), The Gottman Method, Attachment theory, Developmental theory, Somatics, Terry Real’s Relational life Technique, Psychodynamics, CBT, Mindfulness

Individual: Psychodynamics, Somatics, CBT, Mindfulness, Psychosynthesis, Gestalt, relational and humanistic.

I am more than happy to talk about what these terms mean and why I use them

How do I set up an appointment with you?

1. Call me at 415-494-7804 or email me at alexismonniermft@gmail.com to set up a 20-minute conversation.

2. When we talk, I’ll ask you some questions about what you are looking for in therapy and how I can help.

3. If we both decide that I would be a good fit for you, we schedule a time to meet weekly. I then send you a link to fill out paperwork.