Baby Proof Your Relationship

First Baby Prep

Having your first baby is an amazing event to celebrate. These lovely little beings bless our lives and change them forever. From the day your baby is born you have a new identity and a new role in your marriage.


Assuming you haven’t raised a child before there is a huge learning curve and parents often disagree on things like how long or how often a baby should be held. We prepare you to answer questions like this and to understand what it means to parent with your partner.

The stress of sleep deprivation alone is enough to challenge any marriage. Couples who aren’t prepared are at risk for extreme marriage dissatisfaction. Though many continue the process of life as usual, some couples never recover from this period and instead focus on the children. They end up staying together for the children or divorcing.

These conversations are intended to cover trouble areas that affect marital satisfaction in the first year. The goal is to facilitate conversation and awareness and to provide you with tools to lessen the impact.

  • What is your parenting style? Costs and benefits and strategies to accomplish your style well.
  • Conflict management- Required 2 sessions. (Exception: you have completed this with me in the past.)
  • Temperament- familial traits, worst fears and greatest hopes
  • Communication tools
  • Intimacy and sex
  • Grieving your old life
  • Inventory of support
  • Time management!
  • Your promise to your child and yourself. (What you want to provide for them and what you hope to not repeat.)
  • In-laws, relatives and visitors
  • Your vulnerability factors
  • Roles: duties, expectations and hopes for each other
  • New division of labor?
  • Post-partum risk factors. (20% of women and 10% of men experience perinatal mood disorders.)
  • Family Values
  • Let me know if there is a conversation you would like me to facilitate

Call or email now to set your family up for a successful start and minimize impact on your relationship. 415-494-7804

Full program

17 weekly 50-minute sessions
  • This option provides a good amount of time to learn and practice tools for the conversation to evolve and settle in. This experience really sticks with people.

Partial programs

12 weekly 50-minute sessions
  • This option allows you to cover some important topics and get some tools.

Quickie program

5 weekly 100-minute sessions
  • In this option, you will be limited to 5-6 topics. Appointments must be held before 4 pm.

Let’s talk about what program best fits your needs.

Email me at 415-494-7804